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Kidney Care Center at DCI

Amit Nahata, MD Jessie Ganjoo, MD

Our Mission Statement...

At the Kidney Care Center at DCI, our mission is to improve the quality of care provided to patients with all stages of kidney disease.

We utilize a wide variety of resources with an emphasis on patient education and patient initiative. We use a highly structured system to address all aspects of kidney disease with the ultimate goal of preventing or slowing time to dialysis.

We will demonstrate comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients and their families to assist them in living a healthier, productive life. 

Our Committment...

  • Treat patients with respect and compassion.
  • Explore all options and create a plan of care that best meets the patients needs.
  • Encourage a proactive rather than a reactive approach stressing "assessment and prevention."
  • Fully utilize our services to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease including a collaborative relationship with Nurses, Dietitians, Social Workers and Sub-specialists.